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Sustainable Development
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The Industrial Minerals Association - North America (IMA-NA) Board of Directors adopted the following Position on Sustainable Development to reflect the organization's commitment to the principle and practice of sustainable development.

IMA-NA members will demonstrate that commitment in practice. A task force currently is engaged in identifying an array of actions for implementing sustainable development. This process will be continuous and updates to our program will be posted here periodically.

IMA-NA Position on Sustainable Development

IMA-NA endorses sustainable development - - ensuring that our actions meet the needs of today without compromising the ability of future generations to satisfy their own needs. While sustainable development is voluntary for our membership, it represents the model of global expectation for Industry, Government, and Public interaction. Accordingly, IMA-NA encourages the management of the industrial minerals industry to embrace the sustainable development principles described below.

Although individual mines extract finite, non-renewable mineral resources, we commit to sustainability through the efficient use and recovery of natural resources, the search for alternative sources of supply, and the fair distribution of costs and benefits. IMA-NA encourages preservation of not only the environmental value and uses of depleted and reclaimed properties, but also the economic and social foundations that are created from our activities.

IMA-NA further encourages the members of our industry to take the actions described below, in furtherance of the principle of sustainable development. These actions are organized by the three recognized pillars of sustainable development. Progress in these areas is best accomplished through identification, measurement and continuous improvement of key performance indicators.


-Recognizing the inevitable impacts of our operations, and developing pro-active approaches to minimize environmental impacts throughout the mining cycle, from exploration through post closure activities

-Conserving natural resources, and reducing waste

-Planning for the timely reclamation of both operating and closed sites in accordance with site-specific needs, community interests and the general need to leave a vibrant and diverse ecosystem during and after the mining and processing operation

-Being a leader in developing and implementing good environmental practices, as well as developing and promoting new technologies to improve environmental performance in our operations
-Promoting product stewardship by ensuring the proper use, recycling and disposal of our products throughout their life-cycle

-Recognizing that climate change is a serious global issue that requires an approach that considers the environmental, financial and social ramifications in decision-making. The approaches undertaken should promote diversity in energy sources and development of new technology, recognizing that continuing research on the scientific understanding of climate change is necessary


-Being committed to employee’s safety, health, training and development, and their general well being

-Respecting accepted human rights and cultural practices

-Treating employees in a respectful and positive manner, and providing them with fair and reasonable compensation for services rendered

-Having a positive impact on the communities in which we operate; maintaining an open dialogue with them; and treating the members of those communities with respect

-Maintaining a reputation of integrity by adhering to ethical business practices, and abiding by both the letter and spirit of laws and regulations

-Constructively engaging stakeholders on evolving sustainable development practices


-Investing in the development of our people and in technology that minimizes adverse environmental effects and creates wealth and products which contribute to the economic prosperity of our stakeholders

-Enhancing the economic future of our communities as well as our nations by providing jobs, purchasing goods and services, and paying appropriate taxes

-Maximizing long term shareholder value in a manner that is consistent with the objectives of sustainable development

-Making the necessary investments in exploration, land acquisition and development of more efficient mining and processing methods to allow for the continued supply of industrial minerals.