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Producer Membership
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Membership as a producer in the Industrial Minerals Association - North America (IMA-NA) provides each company with an array of excellent benefits and opportunities, and importantly, membership supports the industry as a whole.  

Click here to view a listing of current IMA-NA Producer Membership Benefits.

In 2013, the membership of IMA-NA developed a new dues formula that equitably weighted dues payments based on company size and number of IMA-NA sections joined. The new dues structure relies on gross-dollar sales, with dues calculated according to a formula yielding a pro rata share of the budget adopted each year by the Board of Directors. The new dues structure was formulated with the complete support of all IMA-NA members.

New IMA-NA members are eligible for significant discounts during the first year of membership that include a 50% discount. Canadian companies receive a 33% discount on each year's dues. Dues are billed quarterly, and dues are not charged to companies during the quarter they join. Dues are also pro-rated based on the time of year the company becomes a member.

To apply for producer membership, please complete this form and submit it to the IMA-NA staff. You will be contacted and your dues will be determined based on a short conversation with a staff member.

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