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Modernizing TSCA Position
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The members of the Industrial Minerals Association - North America (IMA-NA) are committed to ensuring the safety of our products, and we extend this concern to the products in which our minerals are used.  Thus, IMA-NA supports Congressional efforts toward the improvement of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA).  IMA-NA members encourage the companies which utilize our products in the manufacturing of thousands of varied and essential goods to similarly support this effort.

TSCA, the nation's chemical management law, is over thirty years old.  The law must be modernized to make allowance for changes in science and technology.  The primary goal of this effort should be the protection of public health.  IMA-NA believes the nation’s lawmakers can accomplish this high standard of public protection without blunting American ingenuity and productivity, and while adhering to the principles of good science.  Public health protection is the shared responsibility of industry and government, and TSCA reform should be framed in a cooperative light.

IMA-NA embraces the ten principles set forth by the American Chemistry Council (ACC) which call for a federal chemical regulatory system that provides consumer confidence, harnesses the innovation of industry to create safe, new products and finds solutions to today’s problems while promoting economic growth. 

1.  Chemicals should be safe for their intended use.  

2.  EPA should systematically prioritize chemicals for purposes of safe use determinations.

3.  EPA should act expeditiously and efficiently in making safe use determinations.

4.  Companies that manufacture, import, process, distribute, or use chemicals should be required to provide EPA with relevant information to the extent necessary for EPA to make safe use determinations.

5.  Potential risks faced by children should be an important factor in safe use determinations.

6.  EPA should be empowered to impose a range of controls to ensure that chemicals are safe for their intended use.  

7.  Companies and EPA should work together to enhance public access to chemical health and safety information.

8.  EPA should rely on scientifically valid data and information, regardless of its source, including data and information reflecting modern advances in science and technology.

9.  EPA should have the staff, resources, and regulatory tools it needs to ensure the safety of chemicals.

10. A modernized TSCA should encourage technological innovation and a globally competitive industry in the United States.

IMA-NA is a trade association created to advance the interests of North American companies that extract or process industrial minerals used throughout the manufacturing and agricultural industries.  IMA-NA stands ready to participate constructively in this important discussion regarding the modernization of the federal chemicals management system.