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MineFit 1.4: Physical and Mental Stressors
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Announcing MineFit's Q4 Initiative: Physical and Mental Stressors


The MineFit Task Force brings your a new focus for our Q4 initiative: Physical and Mental Stressors. 

This quarter, we will help you get ahead of the stress for a more enjoyable end to your year! Moreover, identifying and removing stress whenever possible help with immunity, sleep, morale, and even joint and muscle strain. 

Marking and Reducing These “Stressors” Gives Our Members The Tools They Need - And Information to Pass to Their Workforce - to Implement User-Friendly Stress-Management Techniques.  

-Why the cheerful holidays stress you out 

-The effects of seasonal change on mind and body 

-Goals and deadlines breathing down your neck for the end of the year 

-Identifying top physical stressors in your environment, and controlling for them

-An easy on-site stress test for you, your workers, and your family

-Physical "did-you-know" on stress patterns and depletion from chronic stress 

-Sleep disruptions as a result of buried chronic stress 

-No-fluff applications for relaxation, and understanding the positive when it comes to stress

Helpful handouts...

-Immunity Boosting Foods

-Stress Eating Avoidance

-Pentafit Walking Chart