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MineFit 1.5: Weight Loss and Weight Management
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MineFit's Q1-2017 Initiative: Weight Loss and Weight Managment



The Weight Loss and Weight Management initiative under the IMA-NA MineFit Program provides education and resources to help miners learn to lose weight and manage it with a focus on reducing joint stress and improving overall health. 

- Read Monday Moves Calorie Burn Series which highlight the best ways to burn quickly and every day.  

- Understand the correlation between body weight and joint stress/strain.

- Identify potential chronic disease factors which are a direct result of high BMI, such as blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes.

- Apply real-time solutions for tiny cumulative benefits every day, leading to a substantial change in your body weight.  

- Learn the secrets to not only losing weight, but maintaining your weight and continuing to succeed.  

- Enjoy the Friday Weight Loss Tidbits, illustrating with empirical data the things that matter about weight loss and management.  Every day counts.

Useful materials:

Weight Loss FAQs

Dieting Done Right: Resources for You and Your Employees