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MineFit 1.1: Locomotion and Posture
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The Locomotion and Posture initiative under the IMA-NA MineFit program provides education and resources to help miners learn to move their bodies in a way that is both efficient and prevents injury. The topics below have been designed to address particular problem areas in the mining industry.


Step Strong: Fitness Principles for Stair Safety

Stairs are a frequent cause of injury in the mining industry. Many of the injuries are directly related to stairs (such as slips and falls) while others are indirect (such as wear and tear on backs and knees that develops into injuries without the role of stairs are being suspected. Most people, including those in the mining industry, walk up and down stairs incorrectly. They overuse their knees and backs, and do not engage the appropriate muscles in the hips. They also do not use the entire foot, and that contributes to slips.

As a bonus for health, while teaching people to properly ascend and descend stairs as an omnipresent aspect and integral part of their job, they will also be encouraged to consider stairs (including gym stair machines) as a very efficient way for busy people to enjoy cumulative improvements to their muscles and joints.

Back Strong: Fitness Principles for Healthy Backs

Perfect Posture: Fitness Principles for Better Sitting and Standing

Straight, Strong Backs: Using Posture to Prevent the "Big Three Back" Injuries and Improve Spinal Health
The mining industry is plagued by back injuries. And the rates of injury, in conjunction with reports of recurrent pain amongst workers and employees, indicates that simply focusing on proper lifting techniques (which has been oversold as a true solution) does not attack the core cause of these pervasive injuries. In this webinar, MineFit's head coach, Monica Pampell, will discuss the "Big Three Back" injuries and how they can be eliminated by teaching miners to focus their attention on proper posture and back fitness. By utilizing just a few important techniques and intervention strategies, the "Big 3 Back" focus can serve as the bedrock for a broad reduction in rates of injury.


Understanding the Role of Muscles and Movement to Prevent Chronic and Acute Pain