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MineFit 1.3: Releasing Stiff Joints and Strengthening Muscles
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Announcing MineFit's Q3 Initiative: Releasing Stiff Joints & Strengthening Muscles


We are pleased to bring to our members a collaborative effort from the IMA-MA, our member-driven Task Force Committee, and our MineFit Head Coach, for the second half of 2016 with an innovative Health and Safety Program: MineFit. The primary goal for the third quarter initiatives to inform and guide in simple and easily-distributable ways the most successful ways to engage your workers and your organization to keep joints and muscles healthy. 
-No Sick Days: Nobody wants to be sick or injured either on or off the job site. The goal is to reduce lost days due to sickness and injury and make sure people are not in pain.

-No Health Claims: Sometimes what you don’t know really can hurt you. The MineFit information to distribute on-site and to carry-out at home reduces healthcare and workers compensation claims for easily treated, minor issues.  It essentially offers the cure before the call to the doctor.

-No General Malaise: Our research investigated the association between injury and on-site productivity using stretching programs and exercise information.  There is heavy scientific correlation between healthy bodies and better work product and morale.  Having a succinct stretching and training program embedded in the work day makes workers more aware of their bodies and in better control of their daily routine, which improves quality of work and life.

Entering Q3 with an ASAE award…click here to learn more.


MineFit Q3 Initiative Highlights

-On-Site Stretching Videos: Audio and Video to show on your job site, and instructions on when and how to disseminate information to engage employees in the most successful way. Health and Safety managers, Plant managers, and HR directors should all be on-board…Triangulation = Better Participation!

-Strength Training Guides for All Ages: Appreciate that employee needs differ according to age and job responsibility. Increasing strength for younger populations, maintaining bone mass for older populations, and improving stiff muscles and joints for all groups, is our objective. Health information will be distributed accordingly.

-Q3 Webinar: All Hands on Deck for 24/7 Health and Safety: How to weave in the MineFit materials to help employees on board, explain best tactics to disseminate information effectively, and create a timeline and structure for integrating ways to keep muscles and joints healthy for a 24/7 Health and Safety mindset. Join us on August 16th at 2:00 EST for this webinar.

Additional Topics to Look For in Q3 and Q4

Carry Your Weight Stretching: Guides and Handouts to be posted on-site

No Time and All Results: Workouts under 10 minutes, intense but safe and highly effective, performed at home rather than on-site.

Strength is Your Strength: Research and information on the invaluable component of strength training, tangible research on bone loss reduction techniques.

Accountability is Key: Engaging with your MineFit materials, your MineFit Head Coach, and an On-Site Professional for checking in on muscles and joint health.

Fitness for Older Adults: Considerations for varying age groups, especially those over 50 who need information on maintaining joint health. Identify the problem before the doctor.  

The Group Effect: How the team effect bolsters participation and results. Do your stretching with your team, and engage your site director to lead the charge for both exercise and nutrition while at work.

Be Your Own Promoter: Engage your HR department, heads of Health and Safety, and your Plant Managers to lead the charge for Worksite Health Promotion with the aim to build morale, teamwork, and to see a positive work product cascade effect.

“Quantify your Results:m Measure baseline and follow-up data with a specific intervention period to create outcome measurements.  It is easy and highly effective to gain traction for a 24/7 health and safety mindset.  

The 2016 FitBit Blaze Giveaway 

Show Us Your MineFit Mentality to win a 2016 FitBit Blaze Activity Tracking Device or a Dick’s Sporting Good’s Gift Card. Take a photo of any of the following items and send directly to your MineFit Head Coach, Monica Pampell, at She will enter your name in a drawing at the end of Q3. This is an ongoing contest for the entirety of Q3, with the final prize drawing on Friday, September 30th, 2016!
Send us a photo of any of the following activities or items to be highlighted as a MineFit Mentality and submitted to the raffle:  

-Three or more workers wearing the MineFit hardhat sticker (if you need stickers mailed to you, contact IMA-MA directly).
-You plus two others (can be on-site with your team, or at home) doing the MineFit Stretching Series.
-A picture of the MineFit Materials posted in your break room or other common areas.
-Photo of Mini-Break Minutes printed placed on worker equipment or at the desk for mini-activity reminders.
-Vending Guide posted next to your vending machine.
-Or some other MineFit-themed photo.