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MineFit 1.2: Focus and Attention
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The Focus initiative under the IMA-NA MineFit program provides education and resources to help miners learn to stay focused throughout the workday especially when performing safety critical activities. The topics below have been designed to address particular problem areas in the mining industry.


The Glycemic Cycle: Staying Focused with Good nutrition

The Glycemic Cycle refers to the effect of blood sugar levels on physical energy and cognitive alertness. The body performs the best when the blood sugar level is kept relatively constant. If the level dips too low, the brain signals the body to become lethargic until it receives more sugar/food. If the level goes too high (a spike), the brain will signal the secretion of excessive insulin, along with a rapid, but short, energy boost. Soon after a spike, the sugar will be stored away as fat and lethargy will again ensue.

PentaFit has identified the glycemic cycle as a likely cause of mining injuries based on a review of time-of-day of all injuries in the U.S. mining industry between the year 2000 to present.

The highest rates of injury occurred just before lunchtime, and are likely caused, in part, by the following deadly cycle:

1. Miners wake up in the morning in either a fasting state and eat nothing at all, or a breakfast option that does not satisfy the body’s needs or causes an unhealthy blood sugar spike.
2. This low or erratic blood glucose level lingers until lunch, by which time an injury may have occurred due to mental fog and physical drain.
3. After lunch, injury rates tend to decrease due to having enough nutrition for the remainder of the workday.
4. Excessive caloric intake at dinner is consumed to make up for an exhausting day’s work and improper afternoon snacks.
5. Miners rise up for another day on-site, while the cycle of fasting, spiking and plummeting continues, and increased likelihood of injury or death endures. 

The MineFit Solution to reduce injury and maximize productivity: 

1. Wake up in a fasting state and eat a recommended snack or light meal (no direct employer control, but highly applicable and industry-friendly educational advice distributed).
2. When blood sugar gets low in the mid-late morning, consume a healthful snack, such as MineMix, tailored specifically to the needs of the miner that guarantees lasting energy for optimal on-site performance.
3. Blood sugar levels then remain consistent for hours and the vulnerability to injury and death is significantly reduced.
4. Education on late afternoon snacks helps miners stay away from blood sugar spikes and plummets and helps avoid excessive caloric intake at dinnertime.
5. Miners rise up for another day on-site, having broken the cycle of fasting, and start the day with foods to stay sharp and injury-free.

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WEBINAR: Avoid the Food Coma

Research indicates that more injuries occur when blood sugar is low, and that productivity levels decrease significantly after lunch, as a result of spiked blood sugar. What do you do to Fight the Food Coma? If you missed the webinar, not to worry. Download the presentation here. The presentation is organized into single-page slides that are easy to print and disseminate to employees. As you scroll through the presentation, print any slide that resonates with you, and post it in the break-room, in front of your office, or share the information with a colleague.