industrial minerals
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Re-think Industrial Minerals Extraction!
The products made possible by industrial minerals are not only valuable, but are often essential to our way-of-life.  From modern medicine, to structural integrity of bridges and buildings, industrial minerals save lives and extend our longevity.
Essential Medications
From active ingredients to fillers, many modern pharmaceuticals which cure disease and relieve ailments could not be possible without industrial minerals.  The mineral bentonite is even used as an antidote for particular types of poisons.
Essential Automobile Safety
Industrial minerals reinforce essential car parts that help to protect you and your family.  Mica, for instance, is used to strengthen fenders.  Industrial minerals also play a role in the safety components of bicycles and other recreational modes of transportation.  When driving in your car, or enjoying a bike ride, industrial minerals are protecting you and your family.
Essential Medical Devices
Industrial minerals play a vital role in the production of life-saving medical devices.  In particular, a variety of industrial minerals are used as components in prosthetic devices, dental amalgams, and ceramic surgical instruments. 
Essential Green
Industrial minerals are not only extracted and produced in an environmentally sustainable fashion, they are often valuable components in products used to protect the environment.  Industrial minerals serve as asbestos substitutes for insulation, they are used as absorbents for oil and chemical clean-ups, and they are used in treatment and purification of the water we drink.  They even help golf courses and other landscaped areas absorb and hold water, reducing the amount of water used.
Essential Energy
Industrial minerals play a central role in the production of energy resources which power civilization.  From drilling fluids which help extract oil and gas, to materials which seal boreholes, industrial minerals are there.  Industrial minerals also reduce the price of energy by increasing the efficiency of drilling operations and reducing downtime.  They serve as viscosifers, lubricants, and weighting materials.  They cool the bit and increase the hydrostatic pressure of the drilling mud.  They maintain borehole integrity, and they reduce required torque.  Oil and gas exploration and production would be much more difficult without industrial minerals.
Essential Food
Modern agriculture would not be possible without industrial minerals.  Industrial minerals serve as fertilizers and flow control agents.  They improve the availability of nutrients and other trace minerals.  They improve soil properties such as aeration, permeability, water filtration and holding capacity.  Boron is even an essential micronutrient for plants, vital to their growth and development. Without sufficient boron, plant fertilization, seeding, and fruiting are not possible.  A healthy and vibrant food supply is brought to you, in no small part, by industrial minerals.
 Essential, smart and beneficial.  Industrial minerals . . . Your world is made of them!