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Energy Reform Position
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The Industrial Minerals Association -North America (IMA-NA) strongly supports legislative efforts to ensure that our industry will have access to an adequate, reliable supply of energy at an affordable cost.  Industrial minerals are critical to the manufacturing processes of most products that are found in our everyday life.  They are used in the production of glass, ceramics, paper, plastics, rubber, detergents, insulation, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.  They are essential to foundry cores and molds used for metal castings, and to paints, filtration, metallurgical applications, refractory products and specialty fillers.

Our nation faces today a crisis as a result of the energy issue that is enormously challenging.  The escalation in the price of energy has caused a significant impact on our industry, particularly because of the energy intensity of the production of industrial minerals, and the reliance of this industry upon transportation.  At the same time, industrial minerals contribute greatly to energy efficiency through the products made from them; for example, roofing shingles, enhancement of oil and gas recovery, energy-efficient glass, ceramic tiles, and insulation materials.

Market conditions have made new environmentally responsible and secure energy exploration vital to our nation's economic survival. Exploration and production of oil and natural gas in the federal waters of the Outer Continental Shelf that currently are off limits would be a good first step in addressing the energy needs of this country. Exploration and production in other areas, such as the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge, also must be considered, as new alternative energies are not expected to be available in the near term. Other measures should be encouraged as they are identified.

Government policies, legislative proposals and proposed regulations that concern energy policy should be evaluated on the basis of how they:

  • Promote expansion of domestic supplies of all sources of energy in an environmentally responsible manner, including conventional and unconventional sources such as shale.
  • Promote the use of the abundant supply of coal by providing Government funding for research and development of clean coal technology.

  • Expand new nuclear energy assets to meet our nation's growing energy demands.

  • Encourage energy efficiency to reduce energy costs, consumption and negative environmental impact.

  • Incentivize private enterprise to invest in the creation of affordable alternative energy sources, such as hydropower, solar, and wind.
IMA-NA stands ready to participate constructively in this important discussion regarding how to ensure an adequate, reliable source of energy at an affordable price.