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Case Studies
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The IMA-NA Safety & Health Committee publishes case studies from member companies to highlight successes achieved in safety operations.

The intent of the case studies is to allow the free and open sharing of ideas and novel approaches to improving safety performance.  The case studies are presented in a short and concise format, and cover topics including fixes to particular issues or improvements to overall safety programs.

Click on the case studies below to learn what IMA-NA member companies are doing to protect employees.

As always with IMA-NA safety products, you may freely share the information you find here.


IMANA CASE STUDY #1:  Unimin Reduces Hand Injuries by 53%

IMANA CASE STUDY #2:  Active Minerals Stays Clear of a Rail Hazard by Using a Brake Stick

IMA-­NA CASE STUDY #3:  Fairmount Minerals Ensures a Better Tomorrow, One Step at a Time

IMA-­NA CASE STUDY #4:  What Good is an Injury and Illness Prevention Program? Ask Active Minerals!

IMA-­NA CASE STUDY #5:  An Ergonomics Fix that Improved Safety and Productivity!

IMA-­NA CASE STUDY #6:  Wyo-Ben Involves the People that Count to Improve Safety Performance

IMA-NA CASE STUDY #7:  Heemskirk Canada Improves Safety Performance by Removing Open-Blade Knives from Facilities