industrial minerals
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Re-think Industrial Minerals Extraction!
The advantages of modern society could not be possible without industrial minerals.  Many of the luxuries we all value depend on this important class of natural resources.  You may not be aware of the many benefits industrial minerals provide.  In many ways, the low-profile of our industry is a testament to our ability to operate using clean and responsible extraction methods.  But we are behind the scenes, making your life easier, everyday.

Beneficial Beauty
Consider the beauty around you in the modern world.  Look at the room you are sitting in while you read this page.  Is there paint on the walls?  Industrial minerals are there.  Are there ceramic vases or tableware near by?  Industrial minerals are there.  Can you see through a glass window?  Industrial minerals are there?  Or consider the benefit of personal beauty products or the fresh smell of clean clothes made possible through detergents.  Industrial minerals are there, too.

Beneficial Comfort
Is it cold out-side and warm inside?  Modern insulation would not be possible without industrial minerals.  Do roof shingles protect your home in a storm?  Industrial minerals give shingles their strength.  Do you enjoy comfort foods?  Again, fertilizers and soil additives are made possible by industrial minerals.

Beneficial Surroundings
What would our world look like without glass?  What would the lives of our pets be like without products such as cat litter?  How would we thrive without bricks, mortar, drywall and concrete?  Our surroundings, in large part, are made from industrial minerals.

Beneficial Hobbies
It is quite likely that your hobbies and passions are made possible by industrial minerals.  Do you like to work with wood?  Guess what the grit on sandpaper is.  Do you collect porcelain or ceramic figurines?  Guess what is in both substances.  Do you enjoy writing in a journal?  Guess what is in the ink.  If you guessed industrial minerals to all of the above, you are right.

Beneficial Recreation
What do you do for fun?  Industrial minerals join you in many sports and recreational activities.  From golf balls to fishing rods, chances are your favorite hobby relies on industrial minerals.  Tennis rackets, skis, and back packs, all contain industrial minerals.  Have fun!

Beneficial Refreshment
Do you enjoy a glass of wine or a cold beer?  Industrial minerals are used to filter out insolubles in these adult beverages.  Next time you make a toast, remember the industrial minerals that make the drink taste better.

Beneficial Reading
The quality of paper, books and magazines is greatly improved by industrial mineral additives.  The shine on high quality paper, for instance, owes its shimmer to industrial minerals.

 Essential, smart and beneficial.  Industrial minerals . . . Your world is made of them!