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The Industrial Minerals Association - North America (IMA-NA), in partnership with PentaFit LLC, has established a corporate wellness initiative, MineFit, to assist its members with targeted interventions for the improvement of safety and miner well-being. MineFit is fundamentally different from what is currently considered a “typical” corporate wellness program. Most program offerings in the market are largely generically designed as a blanket program applicable to any industry, as opposed to targeting a specific population, and therefore are ineffective and yield inconsistent results. These programs tend to place excessive focus on traditional medical methods and procedures instead of using innovative and modern wellness techniques. The foundations of “typical” programs are based on the dissemination of boring and ineffective educational materials to identify what is “wrong” with employees; and worse, they often motivate using fear and guilt. These programs not only use cookie-cutter deliverables, but also provide access solely to medical monitoring and disease management, a combination that dooms most programs to failure. MineFit avoids the potential pitfalls of the “typical” generic wellness program by continually adapting to the needs of IMA-MA members, and by directing wellness initiatives in a smarter, tailored, and optimally effective way. 

The most recent data from the Centers of Disease Control best exemplifies the need to move away from typical program designs and towards inventive, preemptive, and novel approaches to wellness. CDC statistics show that 85% of all medical spending in 2010 went to treat chronic, preventable disease. Furthermore, 50% of all adults have one or more chronic conditions that can be improved upon, and prevented, using simple, smart techniques.

Treating Miners Like Athletes... 

The MineFit program is designed specifically to be preemptive in nature, capitalizing on proper nutrition and physical activity practices and tailoring them to fit the needs of the industrial minerals industry. At its core, MineFit will introduce the concept of treating mineworkers as athletes.

Athletes are motivated internally. They are body aware, understand teamwork, and know how to focus and execute when it is “game time.” They succeed when they are physically and mentally healthy and are empowered with the knowledge and resources necessary to perform at their best.

The MineFit process identifies specific needs one at a time, develops educational materials and suggested interventions based on these needs, and uses various methods, practices, and media to disseminate the materials to the workforce.  

Meet the Head Coach of MineFit, Monica Pampell

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