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Data Shows Natural Gas Development Reduced Green House Gas Emissions

Posted By Ariel Hill-Davis, Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Houston Chronicle published an op-ed over the weekend highlighting the important role natural gas development has played in lowering green house gas emissions. The op-ed focuses on a more nuanced understanding of the role fossil fuels and particularly natural gas play in our energy portfolio and the ways the industry is leading on carbon emission reduction work. As most people recognize, natural gas has a lower carbon footprint than traditional fossil fuels but the numbers are an important reminder of the scope of the natural gas impact. Carbon emissions are close to a 30 year low, largely due to the natural gas boom. The op-ed also addresses how natural gas development is a substantial economic driver that brings jobs and prosperity to the United States. As we continue to debate climate change and the policies related to lowering carbon emissions, it is important to remember the issue is complex and the natural gas industry is an important part of any viable resolution.


To read the op-ed click here

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Monday Moves: Super On-Site Stretch Series Week Three: Side Bending & New Photos!

Posted By Ariel Hill-Davis, Monday, April 4, 2016

MineFit has developed a basic set of seven stretching moves for employees to use on-site. Monica Pampell, our MineFit Head Coach, visited a mine site today to teach this stretch and many others, to the workforce. All of the selected stretches and exercises are effective and easy to do before and after shifts, as well as on lift equipment

Stay tuned for more stretches and exercises as part of the broad MineFit initiative for this year, now including photos which are highly relatable to workers.

Next in this series is the Side Bend.

This helps open the sides of the back, where the longest muscle in the body is attached at the armpit and the hip. It reduces shoulder and hip problems by creating length in the middle of the body, ensuring shoulders aren't pulled forward and hips are better able to extend and flex.

Perform 10 to each side, and take a deep breath every time you reach your hand to the floor, lengthening from neck to ankle and making the body into the shape of a C.

Tags:  health  industry  MineFit  Monday Moves  monica pampell  safety and health  Stretch Series 

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2016 Primaries - Democratic Debate and Results

Posted By Ariel Hill-Davis, Wednesday, March 9, 2016

As primary season continues on, the races are shaping up to be drawn out affairs for both parties. In the wake of Bernie Sanders's surprise upset in Michigan's primaries it is a good time to note that at this point, both Democratic candidates are openly criticizing fracking.  During the debate on March 7th, in Detroit, both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders expressed intentions to effectively ban fracking, either directly or through regulation. This stance is in line with Bernie Sanders's record on the issue of natural gas development, but Hillary Clinton has begun to take a harder line on the future of fracking in the United States.  Policies banning fracking would impact not only energy development in the United States but would have a tremendous impact on other industries, such as the industrial sand producers in the states. 

Here are the the respective opinions from both Democratic candidates:

Hillary Clinton: "I do not think there will be many places in America where fracking can continue to take place,” with all the conditions she would impose on the practice.

Bernie Sanders: “We’ve got to regulate everything that is currently underway,” and anybody who is fracking must disclose all chemicals they are using. He went on to say fracking can’t be done safely, he doesn’t support it, and it is a “national crisis”.


Tags:  2016 primaries  Bernie Sanders  democrats  fracking  Hillary Clinton  industry  policy  politics 

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IMA-NA Featured in Boss Magazine

Posted By Ariel Hill-Davis, Tuesday, March 8, 2016

IMA-NA is featured in this month's BOSS Magazine, an e-mag focused on delivering high-quality business and trade content to some of the most powerful and forward-thinking business leaders in North America. Each month BOSS explores topics across different sectors as well as offering insights into leadership and work environments.  IMA-NA is excited to highlight our industry and our association to BOSS's readership.  Furthermore, BOSS expressed an interest in potentially highlighting IMA-NA members as leaders, applying innovative and forward thinking solutions to industry wide issues.

To read the piece on IMA-NA click here.

If you are interested in offering content to BOSS in the future email Ariel

Tags:  education  ima-na  industrial minerals industry  industry  outreach  press 

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North American Minerals Days - Industry Impact

Posted By Ariel Hill-Davis, Thursday, October 15, 2015

As IMA-NA and all our members know the Industrial Minerals Industry is unassuming despite having far reaching impacts across the economy.  The drive of North American Minerals Days is to promote the understanding that the modern world is made of Industrial Minerals, including highlighting the quantifiable impacts of the industry.  Recent studies concluded that in the United States alone the Industrial Minerals Industry directly contributes $33.5 billion the the GDP. When we consider the variety of products and processes our minerals go into the ripple effects of the industry are substantially more. In addition to acting as the building blocks for the products that make our modern lifestyles possible, the Industrial Minerals Industry also supports industries like those found in our Associate Member Section. Our Associate Members provide equipment, services, and expertise that strengthens and further stretches the impact of the industry.  North American Minerals Days celebrate the industry's involvement with their communities, as leaders, job creators, and active investors in the future. This recognition can include our Associate Members that help the industry continue producing the minerals we need in the best way possible.  

The attached article written by our Associate Member, Kevin Peterson, is a key example of the symbiotic relationship that develops between Producers and the supporting industries.  Read the article to learn how Vortex helped a customer figure out a solution to making their process run smoother and more efficiently. It is a demonstration of the wider community and how many people rely on the industry in one way or another to lead their lives. 

Download File (PDF)

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IMA-NA Participating in SME Annual Conference

Posted By Ariel Hill-Davis, Friday, February 13, 2015

Next week, February 15-18, IMA-NA will be participating in the annual Society for Mining, Metallurgy, & Exploration (SME) Conference and Expo in Denver, Colorado.  IMA-NA will be participating as both a general Attendee and as an Exhibitor.  We are excited to sit in on the slated sessions as well as represent our members alongside others from the mining community.  We are looking forward to a productive week out in Colorado and would encourage any IMA-NA members also in attendance to stop by our booth, #1658, in the Exhibitor's Hall and say hello. 

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Member Spotlight - Vortex Valves Announces New European Partnerships

Posted By Ariel Hill-Davis, Friday, November 7, 2014

Since July, Vortex Valves has announced partnerships with product representatives in three different countries.  The appointment of Fennix Systems as the exclusive representative in Poland and the subsequent announcements of similar representation in Hungary and Sweden mark an exciting time of expansion for Vortex. Fennix Systems, MasterQuality, and NaW Trading will be the sole agents and distributors, in their areas, for Vortex’s dust-free valves, custom designed gates, diverters and dust-free loading spouts.  Vortex’s continued growth is another reminder of the far reaching nature of both IMA-NA’s Associate Members and the wider Industrial Minerals Industry.

To read Vortex’s announcements click here.

Tags:  Associate Member  business development  industrial minerals industry  industry  Vortex Valves 

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Manufacturing Day 2014 - Community Engagement

Posted By Ariel Hill-Davis, Wednesday, August 27, 2014
As summer draws to a close, National Manufacturing Day is rapidly approaching.  On October 3, 2014 manufacturers across the country will open their doors for events, share their stories, and remind the world of the importance of manufacturing.  The day is a celebration of industry across the United States and a great opportunity to interact with your communities and legislators.

Last year, more than 830 events were held in manufacturing facilities across the nation. This year, there are already manufacturers signed up to host open houses, tours, career workshops and other activities. To help inspire a new generation of manufacturers and connect with your community you may want to consider hosting an event this October!

To get involved and add your voice to the event, click here.

Also available on the official website for Manufacturing Day are tools such as a social media toolkit, tips to telling your company’s story, sample videos and graphics and more information to help you have a successful Manufacturing Day.

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