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What Are Industrial Minerals

Industrial Minerals are non-metallic, non-fuel minerals that are used in the processes or final products from almost every field of industry. Industrial Minerals are prevalent in nearly all aspects of our lives, in every country in the world. Despite being the nearly invisible components within the products you use daily, very little is known about the role they play in keeping our society running. Everything from farming, oil and gas wells, pharmaceutical manufacturing, paper and beauty products, beer and wine, construction goods, automobile parts relies on various industrial minerals throughout their production process. Just in the United States, over the course of a year the average person will consume 48,000 pounds or 24 tons of industrial minerals through both direct and indirect products and services.

Industrial minerals are essential, smart, and beneficial… Your World is Made of Them!

Click on each mineral represented by the Industrial Minerals Association – North America to learn more about these building blocks for our lives.

Ball Clay
Calcium Carbonate
Industrial Sand
Soda Ash