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Monday Move: A Balance Series With Video!

Posted By Ariel Hill-Davis, 14 hours ago

Happy Monday!

This week we turn our attention to balance, as a reminder of its importance in daily life. Whether at work or at home, the ability to stand on one foot confidently pays dividends - especially as we age. Please watch the video below to learn a series of simple items to perform and improve your balance technique.

The Steps to Balance:

1. Single leg knee tuck to chest - either do 10 per leg or alternate for 20 total repetitions
2. Single leg balance hold - try to get to 30 seconds!
3. Single leg balance hold - with eyes closed for 7 seconds!

Have a wonderful week.

Your MineFit Coach,


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Fairmount Santrol on the Cover of Oil & Gas Financial Journal

Posted By RJ Alpers, Saturday, October 21, 2017
Updated: Friday, October 20, 2017

This past week Fairmount Santrol was featured in the Oil & Gas Financial Journal. President and CEO Jennifer Deckard highlighted FMSA’s focus on technology and innovation through their “proppant innovation”. Jennifer’s outstanding interview demonstrates the great work that is being done in the industrial sand industry and IMA-NA/NISA is so happy to support such a great organization. The title of the article is: “Do Good. Do Well” and explains their emphasis on corporate responsibility and development the past few years.

To read this great article please click here. Also, as previously mentioned, next week IMA-NA will begin our new social media campaign promoting our membership and all the different members that we are fortunate to represent. If any member has any articles, photos, or information about their company they would like published please reach out and share it with the IMA-NA staff!

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Friday MineFit TidBit: Which is it? More Small Meals or Fewer Large Meals?

Posted By Ariel Hill-Davis, Friday, October 20, 2017

Good Morning and Happy Friday!

There has been a long-standing debate about whether we should eat only two meals a day, or snack throughout, for a total of 4-6. It seems like every other week there is a new study out contradicting the previous prescription.

I often tell people: “it’s neither good nor bad. It just is.”

So, here is a perspective that touches on the point. The summary of this recent research is that people who ate one or two large meals per day were less likely to gain weight than those who ate smaller meals over the course of the day (4-6). This flies in the face of the metabolism theory (spacing out meals boosts daily caloric burn). But don’t get discouraged, snackers! The reason for this result is that the people eating more, “smaller” meals underestimated how many calories were in each one. So, their net intake was much higher than the 1-2 meal a day group.

Few Big Meals vs Many Small Ones 

Just something new to consider when deciding when and what to eat. Enjoy!

Your MineFit Coach,

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LCA for Calcium Carbonate Released

Posted By Chris Greissing, Thursday, October 19, 2017

Members of the Industrial Minerals Association’s Calcium Carbonate section recently completed a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) to show the sustainable benefits of using calcium carbonate.  An LCA is a method for identifying the environmental impacts of a product, process, or activity over its entire lifespan.  The objective of this LCA was to develop an industry average for North 

American mined and quarried calcium carbonate products.  


The LCA was completed by Sustainable Solutions Corporation.  Participating companies included: Omya, Imerys Carbonates, Carmeuse and Columbia River Carbonates.  The LCA took a cradle-to-gate approach to the extraction and production process to provide a comprehensive understanding of the environmental impacts of calcium carbonate.  


Calcium carbonate is a material that is used in a wide-variety of products in commerce, building and manufacturing.  This LCA helps to show the benefits of using calcium carbonate in place of alternative materials, as it could help the overall end product have a reduced environmental footprint. This LCA looked at five calcium carbonate products: screen grade; coarse, dry, ~ 20 micron; coarse, dry, ~ 30 micron; fine, slurry, 3 micron; and fine, treated, 3 micron.  


Calcium carbonate is the most widely used mineral in the paper, plastics, paints and coatings industries as both a filler and as a coating pigment.  Calcium carbonate is used in personal health and food production industries as an effective dietary calcium supplement, antacid, phosphate binder, or base material for medicinal tablets.


The LCA was critically reviewed by a third party, ensuring the accuracy and validity of the data.  Mr. Thomas P. Gloria of Industrial Ecology Consultants reviewed the LCA study regarding conformance to the ISO 14040 and 14044 standards on LCA.  The review determined: the methods used to carry out the LCA were consistent with the applicable international standards and methodologies; the methods used to carry out the LCA were scientifically and technically valid; the data used were appropriate and reasonable in relation to the goal of the study; and, the interpretations reflected limitations identified and the goal of the study.  


The LCA report and fact sheet are both attached.


For more information, please contact Chris Greissing (

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Zatezalo Nomination Advances

Posted By RJ Alpers, Thursday, October 19, 2017

Yesterday the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions favorably reported the nomination of David Zatezalo to be Assistant Secretary of Labor for Mine Safety and Health.  The favorable vote occurred along party-line votes, 12-11.  The nomination next will be scheduled for consideration by the full Senate. IMA-NA will continue to provide updates in this nomination process.

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MineFite News and A Belated Monday Move

Posted By Ariel Hill-Davis, Tuesday, October 17, 2017

IMA-NA would like to announce the sunsetting of the MineFit Program as of January 2018. Our head coach, Monica Pampell, will be providing members with 9 more weeks of MineFit lessons for members to use throughout the coming holiday season. The lessons will be related to three areas that can impact everyday workplace safety and health: Balance, Posture, and Nutrition. Our MineFit materials from the last 2 years will still be available digitally for members to download and use in conjunction with company safety, health, and wellness programs.  If you have any questions related to MineFit please email Ariel Hill-Davis.


Monday Move (Belated) - The Wall Press for Posture


Happy Tuesday! Our MOVE today is a posture check using any wall, anywhere. Watch the video below and then hop up and practice! All parts of the spine against the wall, core activation, shoulders back, and the neck pressed as well. Enjoy a better posture this week in just 60 seconds, and have a good week!

Your MineFit Head Coach,


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First Friday Ask IMA - This Friday

Posted By Ariel Hill-Davis, Tuesday, October 10, 2017

IMA-NA is holding the October First Friday call, this coming Friday, October 13th at 1:00 EST. Staff will be updating members on the legislative and regulatory calendar for the fall, our ongoing work on percentage depletion, CERCLA, and WOTUS, and highlighting other continuous membership efforts we are undertaking. We are looking forward to speaking with everyone on Friday. 

Click Here To Register

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Moratorium on Sagebrush Focal Areas To Expire Sunday

Posted By RJ Alpers, Thursday, October 5, 2017

This Sunday, the Interior Department’s two-year moratorium will end and reopen millions of acres of Sage Grouse habitat to new mining claims. Secretary Ryan Zinke is not expected to issue a new moratorium order protecting the 10 million acres of "sagebrush focal areas," or SFAs. The SFAs were included in the Obama-era grouse plans finalized two years ago, intending to protect the Sage Grouse and possibly even label it as an endangered species. While the moratorium ends Sunday, the Bureau of Land Management is currently conducting an environmental impact statement to assess whether all, parts or none of the 10 million acres should be withdrawn from new mining claims for the next 20 years (or more) in the name of protecting the sage grouse and its habitat.

The BLM is not expected to complete their final environmental impact statement until at least the end of the year. Therefore, this Sunday, the moratorium’s expiration will open up the opportunity for mining claims. IMA-NA has been focused on this as a key issue area as federal regulation has overstepped and infringed on each state’s right to regulate their own environmental and conservation efforts. For example in Nevada, Sage Grouse is a legally hunted bird, yet in other parts of the western United States, it falls under SFAs. Furthermore, since the early 2000s state and local agencies in California and Nevada along with federal agencies, landowners and businesses have created and enacted successful conservation plans. The 11 western states with populations of Greater Sage-Grouse have all been working diligently to create conservation plans tailored to balance protection of the birds with each states’ needs. This demonstrates both the importance of role state and local conservation plans that can and should be in efforts to protect wildlife.

Secretary Zinke has already issued a memorandum directing BLM to take steps to implement the sage grouse review team's recommendations changing the federal plans. IMA-NA will continue to follow this situation closely and update membership as the situation develops.

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Ball Clay Day Tomorrow in Gleason Tennessee

Posted By Ariel Hill-Davis, Thursday, October 5, 2017

Tomorrow kicks off the first event of 2017's North American Minerals Day. Imerys Ceramics, Old Hickory Clay Company, Gleason Clay Company, and Lhoist Spinks Clay are hosting the 3rd Annual Ball Clay Day in Gleason Tennessee. Like many of the minerals represented by IMA-NA, ball clay production is the main industry in its community. Tomorrow all four companies will put on a day to celebrate the role ball clay plays in the community. Festivities include mine tours, local artisans, large equipment displays, educational exhibits, local food vendors, and more. IMA-NA is excited to note that Ball Clay Day is becoming a local tradition and a great way for kids and adults of all ages to come learn more about the unique nature of their community and its role in the world. Stay tuned tomorrow for updates on the event!

The event will take place from 10-2 at Mike Snider Park.


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MSHA Nominee Appears Before Senate Committee

Posted By Chris Greissing, Thursday, October 5, 2017

MSHA Nominee Appears Before Senate Committee


The Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee held the confirmation hearing for David Zatezalo the Trump Administration’s nominee to be the Assistant Secretary for the Mine Safety and Health Administration.  The hearing also covered the nominations for two other Department of Labor positions, the Wage and Hour Division Administrator (Cheryl Stanton) and the General Counsel for the National Labor Relations Board (Peter Robb).  


During the question and answer period, Mr. Zatezalo stressed the need to continue to provide consistent enforcement throughout the country at mine sites. He discussed the importance of improving safety technologies such as proximity detection sensors and other new technologies to make the mines as safe as possible.  He also discussed the possibility of reinvigorating the small mine office that was folded into the overall education program at MSHA in 2014.  


It is expected that Mr. Zatezalo will receive a vote on his nomination in Committee in two weeks following the Columbus Day recess next week, and then action is anticipated on the floor shortly thereafter.


IMA-NA looks forward to working with Mr. Zatezalo upon his confirmation.  


To view the hearing, click here.


To view the testimony of Mr. Zatezalo, click here

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