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MineFit Monday Move: The Secret of a Stretch to Losing Weight

Posted By Darrell Smith, Monday, March 13, 2017

Did you know that stiffness in the hip area is actually more prevalent than tight hamstrings in causing referred lower back pain?  

That’s right - if your hips become tight, you are not only at risk for chronic discomfort and a subsequent reduction in physical activity, but also acute stress and pain.  

Scenario: you want to start exercising to lose a few LB’s, so you’ll need to start walking, moving, lifting, and using cardio equipment. BUT, a common adverse affect of this activity is the “hmm, why does my lower back feel funny? I think I will skip my exercise today.” It’s rather discouraging for folks who do want to be more active but are confused about the body ache side effects.  

Solution: Here is an easy guide of Hip Opening Magic to Release you From Impingement and Make Exercise More Feasible: 

Start with Hip Extension with knee bend: bend your leg and open the front of the hip and side of the body, like you are kicking a door open behind you. Hold 30 seconds...

You can do this one in standing form easily. Do 15 on each leg.  

Then move to a HALF Kneeling Trunk Rotations, make sure kneecaps stay facing forward and shoulders away from the ears, arms are straight and chest is open,10 per side...

We did this one on-site! It’s a great full-body stretch and strengthen. The only addition from the picture is to turn your head and shoulders off from one side to the other, getting more of a challenge and a total body stretch. 

Standing Forward Fold: be carful to brace the abdomen, and let your upper body hang in front of you, folding from the waist with your knees BENT...

It’s best to hold this one for 10 deep breaths, or two sets of five.

Leg Bent Cross Body: keep the knees at hip level at all times, fold one leg across the other kneecap, keep your spine flat, and ease your chin down to the floor, 8 times for three seconds per...

A great break-room stretch or something to do at your desk.  

***These three photos below illustrate three of our four stretches. The standing hip extension has not been performed on site yet — any volunteers to be the next photo shoot on-site!?***




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