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Monday Move: 5 Yoga Poses You Can Actually Do

Posted By Darrell Smith, Monday, November 14, 2016

Yoga!  ...Really?  What does it mean, and why do some people swear by it while others loathe it?  However you envision “yoga,” it’s really just the fundamentals of stretching and breathing, put into practice in a structured way, to address all of the joints and muscles.  So, for today, let’s show you 5 “poses” that anyone can do.  Rule of Thumb: Take 6 full breaths for every pose, holding each one for that amount of time.

Enjoy your Mini-Yoga-Break, and a total of 30 breaths, to keep circulation up and joints limber and tweak-free.

Your MineFit Coach, 

The Pictures are in Order of Directions Below.  

(1) Child’s Pose: Sink your butt toward your heels, let your head drop between your arms, press your palms into the floor and keep your elbows away from the floor.  Feel a stretch in the arms, hips, and trunk.  
(2) UpDog Pose: Lay on your stomach, put your hands by your shoulders on the floor, then press your upper body away from the floor.  Try to keep your pelvis down on the floor, and open up the chest and collar bone.
(3) Standing Forward Fold Pose: Spread your feet beyond hip width apart, keep your legs almost all the way straight, and fold from the waist, attempting to get your hands close to your knees, ankles, and eventually the floor.
(4) Warrior 1 Pose: Keep your front leg bent at the knee, and take a big step back with your back leg mostly straight and your spine very long.  Raise your arms overhead and feel the stretch in your back hip.
(5) Sumo Squat Pose: Keep your feet beyond hip width apart, squat down as low as you can into a crouch, and press your elbows against the inside of your kneecaps to feel both inner thighs stretching.   


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