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Monday Move: Strength Series with Two New Additions!

Posted By Darrell Smith, Monday, September 19, 2016
This Week, the Q3 MineFit Strength Series Includes TWO Strength Moves to help us move towards the end of the series and provide you, our members, with a comprehensive guide for your organization, serve as a valuable tool for your Health and Safety managers, and act as an amenity for your HR departments to weave into wellness programming.  

MineFit Strength Series Achieves the Following:
(1) Improvements in overall body strength and functional, proper movement patterns.
(2) Increases in joint integrity and reductions in cumulative osteoarthritis.
(3) Reductions in chronic injury, including strain to the vulnerable shoulders and lower back

Review of the Exercises So Far: 
-Row: address muscles in the back, reduce shoulder issues, improve pulling motion.
-Bicep Curl: improve posture, tighten grip strength, practice on one leg 
-Press-up: tighten your stomach, improve your upper body, stretch your shoulders.
-Squat: strengthen the leg muscles, mobilize the hips, reduce low back pain 
-Fly-Retract: draw shoulder blades in, stretch the chest, reverse repetitive movement.
-Hip-Hamstring Hinge: engage the whole body, flat spine posture, proper lifting form.

To Add to Your List!

Strength Move: The Side Lunge

This exercise is fantastic for addressing a plane of motion that we don’t often move into: side to side! It helps strengthen the hips, can be performed simply with your own body weight, or with an added load to help drive up strength gains.  

Doing a Side Lunge should follow the instructions:
Keep your eyes up looking straight ahead of you the entire time. Take a step to the side with your right foot, then drive your hips backwards, bending only the leg which is moving to the side. Keep your kneecap behind your toes, and keep your non-moving leg completely stick straight. To complete this strength move, pop your lunging leg back up to center, meeting the straight leg. Make sure that, while doing your side lunges, all parts of both feet are planted into the floor, not allowing either the heel to come up, or the foot to tilt. 

Perform 20 total side lunges, switching legs each repetition, or stick with the same leg for 10 repetitions, then switch. If you are doing them on one leg only, try coming up into a single-leg balance after each side step for a challenge! 

Strength Move: Overhead Press

One of the most vulnerable places on the body to strain and chronic problems is the neck and the shoulders. This is mostly because the “deltoids” or the shoulder muscles are (1) tight, (2) weak, and (3) not properly placed in their joint socket. By engaging in this move, light overhead presses with high repetitions, then adding weight slowly, you will strengthen your shoulders and keep them loose, limber, and away from injury, 

Instructions on how to perform an overhead press: 
Stand up tall with your feet hip/shoulder width apart. Start with no more than 5 lb weights, and raise both of your arms over your head, making the shape of a “Y” for 20 repetitions. Then, try performing a straight line over your head with one arm only, 10 more times on each side. Finally, try performing this move while in balance on one foot, or just hold your weights up at shoulder height while balancing. After you feel confident that your shoulders can add weight, raise your weight to 8, 10,and as much as 15 lbs. Be sure to keep your knuckles out of your peripheral vision, tracking your arms straight up and down, and not in front of you. If need be, lean slightly forward from the waist while you do this exercise.  

It is encouraged to do the Overhead action multiple times a day, 15-20 times, to compliment and counter-balance the fact that our arms are most often at our sides, which weakens the shoulders.  

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