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MineFit Strength Series Week 6: The Hip-Hamstring Hinge

Posted By Darrell Smith, Monday, August 29, 2016

As we enter the second half the the MineFit Strength Series, remember the series goals!

(1) Improve overall body strength
(2) Increase joint integrity and reducing osteoarthritis
(3) Reduce chronic injury and strain to the shoulders and lower back 

Strength Move: The Hip-Hamstring Hinge

This classic "lifting "exercise covers the entire body from feet to neck, and teaches how to navigate getting up and down and lifting very heavy objects without vulnerability to strain and tear. Understanding how to keep the abdominals braced while lifting, hinging from the waist to never round the spine, and bending the knees the proper amount are all important to the hip-hamstring hinge!  

Start standing tall with a long flat fine. Keep your eyes on your “horizon line,” which is about four feet in front of you, and draw the chest wide open as you begin to fold from the waist. Start to bend your knees and stick your hips out behind you as you keep folding from the waist. The knees should bend to around 45 degrees as your hands approach your ankles, with your back staying completely flat and your eyes in the same spot the entire way down into your hinge. You should feel your hamstrings start to stretch and activate, and be sure not to fold from the tummy. Keep it firm. On the way up from your hinge, squeeze your butt and finish to locked legs in full standing position.     

Engage in multiple sets if doing as a weights routine and drop the number of repetitions as you add weight. If doing for balance or stretching with body weight (no weights), perform one set and then try a second set on one leg only.  

Tips for Progression:
Try the exercise without weight to feel a stretch and check for your abdominals being tight.
Attempt the hinge using weights such as a pipe, a box, a body weight barbell or dumbbells.
Last, try the movement on one leg, body weight only. 


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