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MineFit Strength Series Week Four: The Squat

Posted By Darrell Smith, Monday, August 15, 2016

The Q3 MineFit Strength Series Continues With Week Four:The Squat! This week we go to the lower body to explore the What, How and Why of the Squat. Three interesting facts about the versatility of the squat:

(1) It can be performed with your legs in wide stance or in a neutral position.
(2) You can use a bench or seat behind you to give you a designated end-point.
(3) You can use it with weights or just as an active stretch for your hips.

Strength Move: The Squat

NOTE: The versatility of this exercise makes it the best one in the books…but also the one with the most opportunity to do incorrectly. It is important to make sure your heels are completely planted as you do your squat and that your knees do not come in front of your toes when you bend them.

Doing a Squat should follow these instructions:

Keep your head and chin up, your shoulders broad and chest open. Stick your butt out behind you and start to bend from the knees, hinging at the waist, checking your feet to make sure they are grounded and beyond hip width apart. Make sure your toes are visible in front of your knees. Squat no deeper than 90 degrees. At the bottom of your squat, check your belly button and make sure it is tucked in, keeping the abdominals firm and not “Folded." At the bottom of your squat, it should almost feel like you are bracing for a cough, to firm up the stomach. At the top of your squat, squeeze your kneecap muscles to lock, and lengthen the spine to flat. 

Perform two sets of 20 squats, with your feet a little wider on set one and a little narrower on set two.

*Please listen to the audio version of these instructions by clicking here, and enjoy strong hips and legs, and NO lower back and knee pain!  

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