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Monday Moves: MBM3 The Mini-Break-Minute Series Continues!

Posted By Darrell Smith, Monday, May 30, 2016
It is often challenging to find a proper time and location to perform a stretching routine during the workday. We are pleased to offer a MineFit solution to this challenge with Mini-Break-Minutes (MBM’s). Workers can embrace the MBM as a sitting break or a standing activity, depending on how it best compliments the daily rigors of their job. 

So take this chance, whether you are sitting in the office or performing on-site duties, to share these MBM”s with those around you. And more importantly, lead by example and do your MBM”s to (1) improve focus; (2) increase circulation, and (3) keep muscles and joints healthy for daily sustainability.  

This week we present the third MBM: FOLDED LEG HIP STRETCH 

MBM3: Fold your ankle over the opposite kneecap and press down on the folded knee to feel a stretch in the hip, then lean forward from the waist slightly, and hold for 5 breaths each leg. You can do it sitting or standing up, with your other hand supporting you on a wall. Great for pre-shift, post-lunch, or on-site. 

Why? This move opens your hips to get blood flow to this area which is often very impinged, reduces knee and hip pain and aching, and reduces lower back and knee pain as it is referred from tight hips.

Remember: Performing an action which reverses daily worksite repetitive movement patterns reduces chronic pain and injury, and is statistically proven to improve overall worker productivity. Set an alarm for every two hours of your work shift to perform your MBM’s.

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